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Profit Hacks is a new internet marketing course created by The Guru to the Gurus, Rich Schefren and Australian entrepreneur, Pete Williams built off the back of one 90-minute presentation that “Australia’s Richard Branson,” Pete Williams originally gave to a standing ovation crowd in Melbourne, Australia.

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Profit Hacks Pete Williams

What’s in the Course…

Profit Hacks come with 7 modules and over 20 hours of content including audios, transcripts, mindmaps and over 100 videos to show clients how to triple or quadruple their income… while working 90% LESS than they do now.

Profit Hacks

The course itself is divided into 5 key areas, to help online marketers overcome all the overwhelmed feelings, the misdirected focus and poor leverage that’s holding them back from the kind of success they want.

They’re putting together a full walk-through video for you shortly to walk you through the five key areas including…

Profit Hacks

    Hacking Content Consumption
    Hacking Communication (with the market, their team and their clients)
    Hacking Content Creation (a killer process that gets a “holy crap!” reaction every single time that Pete teaches it.)
    Hacking Content Leverage + Syndication (For content & traffic)
    Hacking Team Building (Even on a small budget)

Each module is full of lessons, and more important TONS of swipe + deploy systems, process maps and even job adverts for everything they teach.

Plus, they’re in the process of adding another module with walk-through blueprints to hack setting up your list…hack getting published… hack your YouTube channel…hack becoming an authority… and more.

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Why ProfitHacks, Why Now?
As Rich likes to say, “Pete is the chocolate to my peanut butter.”

That’s because Pete has the systems and processes in place to make a strategic business possible, even with all the “extra things” you need to do for an online business these days like…

    Constant blogging
    Social media
    Writing to your list
    Getting traffic
    Maintaining your website
    Creating products
    Dealing with payment systems
    Getting affiliates
    Getting published on Kindle & Amazon
    Getting published in offline media – like magazines etc.
    Using press releases to get traffic
    Filming Videos
    Being on YouTube
    Keeping up with your podcasts.

And all while maintaining the highest quality and the integrity of your voice in everything you do.

That’s what Pete can show you how to do in Profit Hacks.

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Is Profit Hacks another overhyped scam? or a real deal?

Profit Hacks program is not a scam or “get rich quick” scheme.  It’s a systematic approach to learning real skills and building a knowledge base that enables you to generate real cash that you can use to pay your bills.  It goes without saying that since Profit Hacks is not a scam, you’re gonna have to put in an honest effort to learn what Rich Schefren and Pete Wiliams teaches (yeah, they teaches the course themself) and do the homework so that you can see results. At the time of this writing, they already done the first webinar, and I can tell you from experience that they really knows their stuff.  The live coaching (webinars) are packed with quality content that leaves you inspired and motivated to get going.  They aren’t “pitch fest” trying to sell you stuff or anything of that sort.

I’m able to 100% advise Profit Hacks for the reason that Pete Wiliams is definitely a very productive internet marketer who has got a great deal of understanding to express. His Profit Hacks system would be the fantastic way to suit your needs to acquire began generating capital on the internet

The price of Profit Hacks is nothing when compared to the value that you will be receiving and that is what you should be looking at. Can this course and coaching really help you take your business to the next level? What will be your return on your investment and can you make your money back? I think the answer is “it’s up to you”. If you take action and actually use this information, I don’t see how you could lose and typically in life, you get what you pay for.

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Pete Williams Reputation:

For those of you who don’t know Pete, he’s a true entrepreneur with several offline businesses. He just does his online business “in his free time for fun” as he likes to say. His full bio is below…

Pete Williams is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and marketer from Melbourne Australia.

At the young age of 21, Pete sold the Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia’s Yankee Stadium) for Under $500! Since then he’s made the pages of numerous media publications and is referred to as “Australia’s Richard Branson”.

Pete is known for his uncanny ability to identify and create successful businesses. Some of his companies include: On Hold Advertising, Infiniti Telecommunications, Simply Headsets and Preneur Group.

He’s also the author of the International bestseller ‘How to Turn Your Million Dollar Idea into a Reality’.

His awards include some of the most prestigious awards in the entrepreneur industry. Pete’s been honored as the Global Runner-Up in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards for 2009, Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year and a member of Smart Companies: Top 30 Under 30.

Rich Schefren Reputation

In conclusion, Rich delivers great information on being efficient with your time and effective in your business. His Profit Hacks System in particular is an effective program that helps you organize your business, manage your time, increase productivity, and set up a system so your business can grow without you having to constantly manage it.

Rich also provides excellent customer service and he backs all his products with a money-back guarantee. The only complaint I have about Rich’s training programs is that while it is very comprehensive, there is too much information. There is great value but it’ll take some time to absorb the information and apply it. If Rich could simplify the training further and present it better, it would really benefit his customers.

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Profit Hacks

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Rich Schefren the man behind Profit Hacks

Rich Schefren the man behind Profit Hacks is an entrepreneur with an education in accountancy and stratigic planning. He has a proven track record of business development and marketing He is a graduate from Case Western Reserve University and seemed set on a career in strategic planning with the prestigious Arthur Anderson firm, from whom […]

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Profit Hacks by Rich Schefren

Profit Hacks is a full course with seven modules and over 20 hours of content including audios, transcripts, mindmaps and over 100 videos created by Rich Schefren, Founder of Strategic Profits. Profit Hacks is built off the back of one 90-minute presentation that “Australia’s Richard Branson,” Pete Williams originally gave to a standing ovation crowd […]

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